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980/955 Recond & Rehab

980/955 Recond & Rehab
Colors: Black White
Adhesives: Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins
Total Thickness: 50 mil (1.27mm)
Category: Pipeline Coatings
Polyken 980/955 + 1027  PE/Butyl pipe rehabilitation system. It incorporates the use of  Polyken #932, #933, and #934 Weld Stripping and Repair Coatings which use thick, high-tack adhesives to fill longitudinal and girth weld profiles.
It consists of three layers:
  1. 1027: A liquid adhesive (primer) layer consisting of anti corrosion elastomers and inhibitors
  2. 980:   An inner anti corrosion layer & selective use of weld strippings & filler material
  3. 955:   An outer mechanical protection layer


  • Reconditioning or Bell Hole Rehabilitation of "Operating Pipelines"
  • Line Travel (in situ) application of coating "over the ditch" Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation and repair of damaged coatings of all types


Features & Benefits:

Compatible with all other coating systems Applies over "operating" pipelines.
     Versatile and reduces inventory      Reduces Downtime costs!

Impermeable to oxygen and moisture

Uniform coating thickness
     Protects against key causes of corrosion      Consistent quality and reliability

Low cathodic protection electricity demand

Easy to apply with minimal training
     Saves money!      Saves time!

Max Temperature: 65 ºC, 149 ºF

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