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989/955/956 YGIII

989/955/956 YGIII
Adhesives: Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins
Backing Binder: PE
Total Thickness: 50-80 mil
Category: Pipeline Coatings
Polyken YGIII is a multilayer pipe coating systems that consists of three layers:
  1. A liquid adhesive (primer) layer consisting of anti corrosion elastomers and inhibitors
  2. An inner anti corrosion layer with a butyl alloy adhesive
  3. One or two outer mechanical protection layers with a butyl alloy adhesive and tough PE backing


  • Plant applied coating system
Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins

Features & Benefits:

Resistant to soil stress Exceeds AWWA C214 Standard
     Superior in ground performance      Reliable, high performance corrosion protection

Impermeable to oxygen & moisture and incorporates SCC inhibitors

Worldwide Reference List
     Protects against key causes of corrosion        Proven long term performance 

Low cathodic protection electricity demand

Zero VOC Coating System Available
     Saves money!        Enviromentally Friendly  

Max Temperature: 85 ºC, 185 ºF

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