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P1039 Zero VOC Primer/Liq Adh

P1039 Zero VOC Primer/Liq Adh
Adhesives: Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins
Category: Pipeline Coatings
The Polyken 1039 is a zero VOC liquid adhesive system that complies with federal and state clean air requirements. Used in conjunction with the recommended Polyken coating systems, the 1039 will provide the same longterm performance as the other Polyken liquid adhesive systems.


  • Machine or hand applications in environmentally sensitive areas

Features & Benefits:

Excellent adhesion

Excellent Cathodic disbondment resistance

     Ensures permanent bond of coating system

     Provides long term corrosion protection


Zero VOC formulation


Manufactured at ISO 9001 facility

     Safer for the environment and the user

     Consitant quality!

Max Temperature: 100 ºC, 212 ºF

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