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Rayclad 80-2LPE Coating for Pipelines MOT 80°C (176°F)

Rayclad 80-2LPE Coating for Pipelines MOT 80°C (176°F)
Backing Binder: PE
Total Thickness: 1.9
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
Covalence Rayclad 80 hot-applied product coatings are designed to provide a continuous, holiday-free, permanent barrier, which affords long-term protection for high-temperature pipelines operating both on - and offshore upto 80° C (176° F).
When wrapped around a properly blast-cleaned and preheated pipe,the adhesive melts.Simultaneously, the thermal recovery of the backing forces the molten adhesive to flow,fill and completely coat the pipe surface, thereby forming a tight and uniform bond. 


Common Applications

Rayclad 80 is designed to be applied as line coating on bare steel pipes to coat the entire pipe circumference for pipe lines designed for operating temperature upto 80° C (176° F)

Features & Benefits:

Can be stored indefinitely without shelf-life or gel-time problems Ease of Installation with minimal training
     Versatile      Saves time and money

Highly resistant to transport and backfill damage

High shear and impact resistance- no rock shield required
     Reduces the cost for repairs       Saves time and money

Highly resistant to Ultraviolet light, Fungus,Bacteria and cathodic disbondment

No Soil Stress Restrictions
     Long lasting performance against corrosion      Versatile and reduced Inventory

Max Temperature: 80 ºC, 176 ºF

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