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IPEC-S - Insulated Pipe End Cap

IPEC-S - Insulated Pipe End Cap
Colors: Black
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
Insulated Pipe End Cap for sealing the pipe ends of pre-insulated pipes.
The IPEC-S is a heat-shrinkable product. The elastomeric adhesive is specially designed for high temperature performance.
The uncoated edges prevent the sleeve from slipping off the pipe casing during installation. 


IPEC-S protects thermal insulation of pipes against moisture penetration during operation
at temperatures of up to 100°C (212°F) as well as during transport and storage.
As a water stop, the intent of IPEC-S is to limit the damage to insulation of in-service
pipes to a small area i.e. one pipe length or to a small joint area.

Features & Benefits:

High shrink ratio backing offering optimum conformability to transitions and variations One product covering several different pipe sizes
     Easily accommodates to dimensional variations and pipe      ovality.      Reduces inventory costs,      Simplifies logistics.

High performance against water ingress

No special equipment required
     Thermal Insulation remains functional.      Makes installation fast, easy and low      cost.


Max Temperature: 100 ºC, 212 ºF

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