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HTLP-PP--3LPP Joint Coating

HTLP-PP--3LPP Joint Coating
Colors: Black
Total Thickness: See Data Sheet
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
HTLP-PP is a 3 layer polypropylene field-joint coating system for polypropylene coated pipelines operating up to 120°C


  • HTLP-PP is designed for corrosion prevention and sealing for polypropylene coated pipelines, operating at temperatures up to 120°C. 

Features & Benefits:

Ensures correct application of heat and allows easy post-heat inspection Provides high functional performance and safety
     Reliable inspectability at any time
     Product Reliablility 
Keep inventory and logistics costs low Top performance in demanding conditions
     Saves money
     Long Term performance
Makes installation fast and easy Has enhanced resistance to cracking at elevated temperatures
     Keeps installation costs low
     Proven quality and performance!

Max Temperature: 120 ºC, 248 ºF

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