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FCWS - Flange Coupler Wraparound Sleeve

FCWS - Flange Coupler Wraparound Sleeve
Colors: Black
Backing Binder: PE
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
FCWS consists of a wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve with high shrink ratio and a cardboard sheet to keep the flange bolts and nuts free from foreign substances such as mastics.
The heat-shrinkable sleeve consists of a radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with a low preheat visco-elastic sealant.


  • Flange couplers
  • Mechanical couplers

Features & Benefits:

No primer required DVGW certified
     No drying time and easy application      Proven quality and performance

High shrink force backing

Low preheat & proven functionality
     Easy & clean installation even at the difficult step-
     down area
     Allows fast and easy application

Mechanically strong, and resists abraision, impact
and penetration

No special equipment or skills required
     Reliable & flexible, remains user-friendly even at low      temperatures      Makes installation fast and easy; keeps      costs low
Sealing adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damages
     "Self-healing effect", saves time

Max Temperature: 30 ºC, 86 ºF

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