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942/955EN Double Faced System

942/955EN Double Faced System
Adhesives: Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins
Backing Binder: PE
Total Thickness: 100 mil minimum
Category: Pipeline Coatings
The Polyken 942/955EN system is a multilayer coating system designed for the corrosion protection of girth weld field joints as well as complete line coatings of steel pipelines in highly corrosive environments and exposed to high mechanical stresses. The system consists of three layer:
  1. Polyken 1027 liquid adhesive (primer)
  2. Polyken 942 Double faced corrosion protection layer
  3. Polyken 955 mechanical protection layer


  • Girth weld field joints
  • Mainline pipeline coating especially in highly corrosive and high mechanical stress environments
  • Recondition and rehabilitate exisiting pipelines

Features & Benefits:

Established and proven in-ground history Compatible with most generic plant coating systems
     Worldwide reference lists      Versatile; reduces inventory and costs

Fully amalgamating overlapping areas

Certified to EN12068, class C50
     Eliminates the leading causes of corrosion      Proven reliability

Resistant to soil stress

Low Cathodic protection-current requirements
     Superior long term performance      Saving cost over the life of the pipeline

Max Temperature: 65 ºC, 149 ºF

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