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Powercrete W (Sea & Untreated Water)

Powercrete W (Sea & Untreated Water)
Colors: Tan
Category: Epoxy Coatings
Powercrete W is a liquid epoxy polymer coating designed for the use as a pipe lining for sea-water and waste-water pipe and tanks.  It is also very effective for slurries and abrasive applications.  It offers maximum protection against the corrosion, as it provides strong adhesion to bare steel and to ductile iron along with superior abrasion resistance.  Internal lining of the pipeline with Powercrete W improves flow efficiency and reduces internal friction, due to its smoothness. It also resists the growth of algae formation on the internal pipe/tanks walls. Powercrete W can also be used for an external surface of pipelines, as well.


  • ID/OD Coating for: Sea/River water & Wastewater Pipes & Storage Tanks
  • Directional Drilling when applied as external coating
  • Pipe Bends, Fittings, Valves & Odd Shapes
  • Any bare steel structure in need of corrosion protection

Features & Benefits:

100% Solids Liquid Epoxy; No V.O.C.s and no isocyanates Same Formula can be Hand or Spray/Applied
Safe to use; Environment friendly Flexibility in difficult to coat field conditions; Optimize inventory level for mainline coating as well for joints
Bisphenol A Epoxy Excellent Wetting Properties to Bare Steel
Suitable for pipeline operating temperature to 55°C (131°F); Long performance life at higher temp. immersed condition Exceptional adhesion, cathodic disbondment and soil resistance on bare steel; Long life for protection and outperform primitive coatings like CTE or cement mortar
Resistant to Broad Range of pH Provides Glossy and Smooth Internat Surface
Prevent corrosion for long time; Hence delay maintenance and rehabilitation Improve the flow and reduces deposits of sediments; Easy cleaning

Max Temperature: 55 ºC, 131 ºF

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