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PERP60E-PE Repair Patch 65°C (149°F) MOT

PERP60E-PE Repair Patch 65°C (149°F) MOT
Colors: Black
Category: Heat Shrinkable Pipeline Coatings
Coating repair system for 2 or 3 layer PE coated pipes used in high shear applications.


PERP60E is designed to repair the damaged areas on line coatings, mainly two or three-layer PE line coating.used in high shear applications, such as directional drilling. It can also be use for FBE line coating.

Features & Benefits:

Adaptable repair system Resistant to high shear forces
     Highly economical; Saves money.      Long lasting and high performance.

Excellent adhesion to commercial, PP mill-applied coatings

Available in roll form
     Provides a virtually monolithic coating      repair of high quality.      Saves time with fast and convenient installation; Saves      money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low.

No special equipment required
     Makes installation fast and easy;      Keeps installation costs low.

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