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930 Joint Coating-No Release Liner

930 Joint Coating-No Release Liner
Adhesives: Adhesive: Butyl Rubber & Resins
Backing Binder: PE
Total Thickness: 35-65
Category: Pipeline Coatings
Polyken 930 is a PE/Butyl pipe coating system. It consists of three layers:
1.    A liquid adhesive layer consisting of anti corrosion elastomers and inhibitors
2.    An inner anti corrosion layer
3.    An outer mechanical protection layer


  • Hand or machine applied coating using conventional hand wrapsters
  • Girthwelds for Water, Oil or Gas pipelines

Features & Benefits:

Conforms to irregular shapes Compatible with all other coating systems
     Offers a solution for nearly every application
     Versatile and reduces inventory
No release liner Heavy Duty Adhesive
     Makes installation fast and easy
     Ensures a strong bond and impervious seal
40 year successful In-Service Performance Easy to apply with minimal training
     Established in-ground history
     Saves time and money!

Max Temperature: 85 ºC, 185 ºF

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