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About Berry CPG: Corrosion Protection Coatings & Pipeline Rehab 

Berry Plastics Corrosion Protection Group (CPG) is known worldwide for its quality corrosion protection coatings and pipeline rehab systems. Berry Plastics CPG is the manufacturer of Covalence® Heat Shrinkable Products, Polyken® Tape Coating Systems, Powercrete® Liquid Epoxies, and AnodeFlex™ Cathodic Protection.  CPG is the global leader in protecting the integrity of critical infrastructure, including water, wastewater, oil and gas, and insulated pipelines, tanks, and other metal structures. With ongoing research and development and more than 50 years of experience on new and pipeline rehab projects, covering the spectrum of violent to sublime conditions worldwide, Berry CPG products continue to excel in longevity and environmental standards.


Covalence® Heat Shrinkable Products

Quickly and easily apply Covalence® products before or during open trench, directional, or offshore drilling for reliable joint protection in stable or unstable soil and pipeline conditions.  Learn more about  Covalence Heat Shrinkable Products

Polyken® Pipeline Corrosion Protection Coatings

Protect pipe against stress-corrosion, cracking, and elementally and mechanically induced corrosion with the right solution from Polyken’s full range of multi-layered thermal- or cold-applied specialty coating and taping systems. Learn more about  Polyken Pipeline Coatings

Powercrete® Epoxy Coatings

Powercrete’s full-line of liquid epoxies provides internal and external corrosion protection and also boasts a very desirable internal coating that helps facilitate flow efficiency. Learn more about Powercrete Epoxy Coatings

AnodeFlex™ Cathodic Protection

Achieve homogeneous, consistent, long-lasting cathodic corrosion protection for above-ground or buried structures using AnodeFlex™ impressed current flexible cable anode systems. Learn more about AnodeFlex Cathodic Protection