The leading global partner in protecting the integrity of critical infrastructure.
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  • Covalence
    The leading heat shrinkable joint protection for water, gas, oil & insulated pipelines.
  • Polyken
    Plant and field applied (hot & cold) polyolefin (PE & PP) coatings.
  • Powercrete
    Liquid coatings for corrosion protection of new pipelines (alternate for FBE), existing pipelines (rehab) & horizontal directional drilling (abrasion
    resistant overlay).
  • AnodeFlex
    Long-line flexible anode systems for impressed-current cathodic protection of buried pipelines, tanks and other metal structures.

Corrosion Protection & Pipe Coatings from Berry Plastics CPG

Berry Plastics CPG has more than 50 years of solid performance in corrosion protection and pipe coatings for gas, oil, water and district heating pipelines as well as other metal structures around the world.

Covalence ® Heat Shrinkable Products, Polyken® Pipeline Coatings,  Powercrete® Liquid Epoxy Coatings and AnodeFlex™ impressed current linear anodes are Berry Plastics CPG's products and signature brands.

With corrosion protection and pipe coatings products, Berry CPG is established as the leading global partner in protecting the integrity of critical infrastructure and proudly manufactures the following pipeline protection products.

·  Accessory coating products ·  Epoxy storage tanke and pipe coatings
·  Cathodic corrosion protection products ·  Impressed current linear anodes
·  Coatings for fittings, bends and tees ·  Insulated pipe joint sealing systems
·  Linings (NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certified) for
    pipe and tanks
·  Pipe girth weld coatings for
    FBE, PE, CTE & PP coated pipe
·  Liquid adhesives and primers ·  Plant applied pipe coatings
·  "Over the Ditch" (in-situ) pipe coatings ·  Reconditioning Systems
·  Repair systems for pipe coatings ·  Technical services
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New Website SFL Industries

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